By Mr. Sameh Selim: The United Nations' strategy for dealing with disasters and international crises

Mr. Sameh Selim

The United Nations' strategy for dealing with disasters and international crises

By Mr. Sameh Selim, a member of the USPS

The more disasters, crises, epidemics, and wars in the world, the greater the role of the United Nations and its specialized organizations in confronting the accelerating events, but despite the work that the international organization is doing, it lacks the mechanism for professionally managing global crises. It has a tool or proactive plans for events before they occur or mitigate their effects because there is no international staff studying the science of international crisis management, which makes the global organization and its employees deal with events randomly. There are no budgets, specialized studies, or clear mechanisms with a scientific approach based on extensive contacts with all world countries. In general, governments are concerned with crises in particular, and there are no long-term plans to solve global problems and crises.


First: an academy must be established to research the science of how to manage international crises, supervised by the United Nations, and concerned with how to confront natural disasters, epidemics, wars, illegal immigration, and refugees.

Second: The United Nations should have strategic stocks of commodities, services, medicines, and equipment in all countries that are under the logo and control of the international organization and remain on standby.

Third: Resettlement of refugees and immigrants by proper legal means in areas that need large numbers of the population, i.e., bringing about population balance in the world in cooperation with the governments of the countries concerned with that.

Fourth: Activating the political role of the United Nations, the General Assembly, and the Security Council in consolidating the principles of public international law as a proactive global role before the outbreak of wars and armed conflicts.


I will continue in another article.                                                     

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