A historic winter storm in California with a blizzard and flood warnings in Los Angeles

A historic winter storm appears in California with a blizzard and flood warnings in Los Angeles: Over 828,000 people are without power across the US.

Schools and roads were closed on Friday due to a snowstorm in California.

The Hollywood Sign was submerged in clouds on Friday afternoon as motorists struggled with the snowy conditions.

Nearly a million were left without power, and thousands of flights were delayed by 'Storm Olive.'

Heavy snow and rain battered swathes of California on Friday, while thousands of Michigan households suffered power outages as the country was hit by one of its worst ice storms in decades.

The Hollywood sign was engulfed in thick clouds as kids in the Golden State took advantage of the rare icy weather by starting snowball fights.

As it was coined, Storm Olive also wreaked havoc on airlines, with thousands of flights delayed and hundreds canceled.

Severe weather caused heavy vehicle congestion and road closures. Many schools have also closed.

The storm claimed its first victim on Wednesday when a Michigan firefighter succumbed to injuries from a downed power line. The weather had already dumped more than two feet of snow on parts of Utah earlier in the week.

The Hollywood Sign was photographed despite thick clouds on Friday, February 23, during a rare wintertime in Los Angeles.

Eight-year-old Gael Guzman was pictured making a snowball with his family, including his 11-year-old brother Atzel.

Atzel was filmed making the most of the rare snowy weather in the Golden State by having a snowball fight with his family.

The National Weather Service warned of a "cold and dangerous winter storm" that will continue through Saturday in California.

Blizzard warnings were posted in the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges and southern California, where up to 5 feet (1.5 m) of snow was expected.

"Simply put, this will be a historic event for the amount of snow over the high peaks and the lowest elevation snow," the regional bureau of meteorology said.

Interstate 5, the West Coast's main north-south highway, was closed south of the Oregon border as snow fell on the Sacramento Valley floor and in a high mountain pass north of Los Angeles, where blizzard warnings were in effect.

Forecasters have warned of severe thunderstorms that could create water drains off the coast of Southern California.

A blizzard warning was in effect for part of Nevada.

Hundreds of people in the San Francisco Bay Area have driven up to 2,500 feet on Mount Tamalpais to play in the snow, including 19-year-old Julian Skerritt of Corte Madera.

"It looks like we're almost at Tahoe," he said as the chips fell steadily. "It's like a powdery day, beautiful fluffy snow."

In other storm-hit parts of the country, beauty has been lost for the most part.

More than 300 flights had been canceled and more than 3,000 delayed by midday Friday, according to FlightAware.com.

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