By Sameh Selim: Tourism is an inexhaustible treasure

Mr. Sameh Selim

Tourism is an inexhaustible treasure

Written by the journalist: Sameh Selim

There are many problems that many countries live with, and they are often severe economic problems at all levels of the countries of the world, even the superpowers as well. To get out of the financial crisis quickly or to try an urgent and rapid economic recovery is to focus on tourism, as it does not need much spending like other sectors. Still, it requires three important things, the first of which is the freedom of the tourist. The second is transportation, communications, roads, and services, and the third is security and good treatment of the tourist, as it generates quick, direct income for the state treasury without resorting to borrowing to fill the fiscal deficit from hard currency or asking for aid from friendly countries, but this will only come by focusing on the real and not the formal focus on tourism because tourism is not cultural, archaeological, or beach tourism only, but the required tourism in the world now is the most active recreational tourism and the most income, and there are many examples around Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Malta, Dubai, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, which recently began to attract a large sector of tourism in the region because it always seeks to implement recreational tourism, which You do not need a great effort or giant tourist facilities, but you need a well-trained person And places for entertainment, with security checking the identity of workers in the tourism sector and monitoring them so that they do not wreak havoc on this vital and important sector.

Egypt, for example, which suffers from an economic crisis, enjoys a wonderful atmosphere most of the year, and its climatic, geographical, and terrain diversity makes it a destination for tourism throughout the year, not just two or three months, like Greece and Cyprus, which generates an income of nearly 100 billion dollars annually, which helps eliminate unemployment if it is managed. Tourism throughout the year in a correct way, in exchange for little spending on this saving sector.

There are also African countries that reap the fruits of tourism, not only the entry of hard currency into the country, as tourism brings behind it an investment despite the neglect of tourism by major countries such as the United States, which lacks transport networks and internal communications within most of the states, the darkness in many places, and the mistreatment of tourists in many areas that lack tourism culture and good treatment of others in general. On the contrary, there is a poor border country, Mexico, that attracts Tourism more broadly, despite its modest economy and lack of good infrastructure, and the best and quick solution, in our opinion, to get out of the successive economic crises is to resort to tourism.

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