By Sameh Selim: When the merciful American judge wept

Mr. Sameh Selim

When the merciful American judge wept

By Sameh Selim

When judges cry, the pillars and walls of the courts shake because, in the end, the judge is a human being like us who deals with the letter of the law, but if he is merciful, he deals with the spirit of the law as well.

The legal logic and the basis is to deal with the text of the law, so there is no crime or punishment in the absence of the law. This is a legal rule known to all countries in all world laws.

As for the spirit of the law, that is, the human aspect that hides behind the harshness of the legal text, it differs in application from one judge to another.

It seems that the merciful American judge applies this in his video sessions when he decides on traffic cases, but what happened inside the courtroom made the judge cry when he saw in front of him a 90-year-old person for whom a traffic violation was issued, so the judge was surprised that a person of this age was driving a car, and the answer was me I have a sick son, he is 60 years old, and Iam taking care of him. I was taking him to the doctor that day, so the merciful judge cried and told him your case was canceled. Here the judge was compassionate, not dealing with the text of the law but rather with the spirit and morals of the law, and that is in the absence of complete and adequate care from the state for the elderly and those who support them. Is it reasonable for an American citizen at the age of 90 years or over to drive a car at this age? This is a danger to his life and the lives of others. The superpower must provide its people with comfortable public transportation at a reasonable price or at least provide for those of this age a private means of transport that they can afford the state.

This is how mercy was from the Merciful Judge. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

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