By Sameh Selim: Justice and equality are the pinnacles of democracy

Mr. Sameh Selim

Justice and equality are the pinnacles of democracy

By Sameh Selim: member of Agency of American Press

Is it reasonable that the retirement age in governmental and non-governmental public jobs is set at 65 years or 67 years as a maximum in jobs that are not of the importance or seriousness of political careers and leadership positions in the state, such as the position of president, vice president, members of Congress, ministers, head of government or state governors? Those who do not have the retirement age applied to them as in other public state jobs?

Proceeding from the internationally known constitutional rules that the president, his deputy, members of Congress, ministers, and the prime minister are public officials in the state, they must be subject to the laws of the state that apply to others, young or old, which is the commitment to the retirement age specified in the public jobs law in the state.

I, as an American journalist, writer, and an American citizen at the same time, demand the new House of Representatives from this respected and neutral media platform, Rosemary News in Washington, DC, to reconsider this serious matter raised by us by enacting new legislation to comply with the retirement age specified in the American law on all public jobs in the state without discrimination or excluding anyone from it, no matter how high his rank or position is, and that must be done quickly before the next presidential or parliamentary elections, as this is a constitutional and legal entitlement in the first place if we truly live in a state of institutions and law.

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