By Sameh Selim: Nuclear strikes between reality and fantasy

Mr. Sameh Selim

Nuclear strikes between reality and fantasy

By Sameh Selim- member of American Press Agency

The word nuclear strike or nuclear deterrence are strategic military terms to intimidate enemies who possess the power of conventional weapons or the terrible population numbers of humans that can invade neighboring countries in primitive ways or even on foot. Here comes the idea of ​​the ability to genocide, whether for internationally prohibited strategic weapons such as Large-scale, limited, chemical, biological, electromagnetic, or thermal nuclear weapons, plus other weapons more potent than these weapons, namely energy, water, and communications, I can put these together with weapons of mass destruction or genocide of peoples.

There are weapons that countries can brandish or use for a limited period or with an unreasonable force to control the situation without killing a single human being on the face of the earth. Still, they can return man to the Stone Age or the dark Middle Ages again, such as dangerous limited electromagnetic bombs that can paralyze life in a restricted area of the world and take it back to ground zero.

It can strike submarine communication cables, the Internet, or satellites to turn the world back without nuclear weapons. Countries are no longer in urgent need to use nuclear weapons, as in the past, or other weapons of mass destruction, as is rumored, because there are much more dangerous weapons that do not work, such as This media or moral hype in the world. Among these weapons are energy and water, which Russia uses against Europe, and the waters used by Turkey against Syria and Iraq.

And not only this, there is a weapon of electronic chips that are included in all strategic industries, military or civilian, and a gun of possession of raw materials necessary for these industries, such as rare metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, coltan and black and white sand, which are abundant in the African continent.

Are nuclear strikes a reality that can happen, or is it a path of imagination in our current age that is not needed for the existence of the worst alternative in the long economic and strategic term, without killing a single human being on the face of the earth, but instead it is killing modern life and making it primitive again?

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