By Sameh Selim: In the court of the Royal Majesty


Mr. Sameh selim

In the court of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Mother Elizabeth II, many peoples grew up on most continents of the world and even on remote islands that are almost isolated in the Pacific Ocean or the Indian Ocean, even if you did not hear about it from countries and peoples in the far corners of the earth that were under the rule of the British royal crown, even if After that, it became only nominal or formal, not real.

But there are people in all countries of the world who were British colonies in the past and then became independent from Britain. Their peoples wish to return to what they had before after they had suffered and tasted the bitterness of independence from chaos, corruption, looting, power struggle, and political instability.

The ruling constitutional monarchy in Britain is considered one of the best systems of government in the world. The king owns and does not rule, and the actual rule of the people is through a democratically elected prime minister, which calls for political stability and achieves a peaceful transfer of power, whether royal or governmental. We have not heard of coups or conflicts within the royal family. It also happens in other countries to reach the ruling.

Queen Elizabeth

The Queen lived and then died, leaving a great legacy for her people who ruled them for many decades. Do you know what this legacy she left for her children from all the people of the world is, the British culture that is well-established in all parts of the world? The correct original English language is spoken by most of the world's population, laws, literature, art, science, and the constitutional monarchy, not the royal. The dictatorial and even the most minor details of citizens' lives, including social and cultural customs and traditions, have grown in the conscience of the peoples of the world who were educated and educated in the royal house, the house of Her Majesty?

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