California police respond to a 911 call from the zoo by a monkey

California police respond to a 911 call from the zoo by a monkey

California law enforcement responds to a 911 call from a zoo - only to find a monkey has called them.

The San Luis County Sheriff's Office says its dispatchers received the emergency call from "Zoo to You" in Paso Robles, California, over the weekend.

When the call was cut, officers tried to send text messages and call back without success, the department explained on social media.

"Our deputies have seen their fair share of 'monkey business in the county. Nothing quite like this," the ministry said on Facebook.

But when the deputies arrived at the zoo, they discovered that no one there had made a 911 call, and it turned out that the blame fell on the Capuchin monkey road.

"Was someone trying to make us look like Uncle Monkey? Then they all realized. It must have been the Capuchin Monkey Road. The route picked up the zoo's cell phone. Which was in the zoo's golf cart.. .which is used to navigate around the zoo's 40-acre site," the official added.

"We were told that Capuchin monkeys are curious and will grab everything and start pushing buttons.

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