By Sameh Selim: Jobs that do not tolerate mistakes

Mr. Sameh Selim

By Sameh Selim: Jobs that do not tolerate mistakes

Public functions in the state are like the state's leadership and the social contract between the ruler and the ruled.

As mentioned by the French philosopher and political thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his book the age of Enlightenment in Europe after the fall of religious legitimacy, a mistake in the public office is unacceptable because it leads to a disaster that can kill many or waste public money. It is a trust and responsibility that comes on top of these general jobs in French constitutional jurisprudence. 

For example, the position of the head of state comes as a high-ranking public official in the state, but he enjoys some immunities and special privileges. Still, they do not exempt him from accountability for a grave mistake. Economic or military interests, or the severance of commercial relations, would have unwelcome consequences if it was not thought out.

Also, the job of the military leader is considered one of the most critical and dangerous jobs ever after the head of state because the decision is sometimes fateful, with severe consequences, whether on the state to which he belongs or on the people directly.

After that, the legislator who sets laws approves them or puts them for debate within the Legislative Council. It is not permissible to be among these people who cannot understand or formulate rules based on prior legal experience or have a history and legal background that allows them to do this work.

Then comes the judge, who must be completely away from any political, party, social, or ideological affiliation. They were followed by several influential and dangerous functions, the breach wasting lives and money together or wasting small starch.

The captain who leads the ship in the seas and oceans, whether merchant ships or passengers, as well as the civil current, firefighters, and teachers in schools, especially the primary stage, who supervise the upbringing of entire generations, will become the leaders of the country later. And in the end, the public job, whether small in size or the error in it is large, leads to realized disasters that are expensive.

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