Some district schools asked students to put on masks again

Some district schools asked students to put on masks again

Last week, San Diego announced that it would once again impose mask states on children. Kids who don't want to wear masks "don't have to go to school at all, other than via Zoom," according to school board chair Sharon Whitehurst Payne.

Students already enrolled in summer school should "not return" if they do not want to be forced to wear masks. Whitehurst Payne is ostensibly responsible for the education of nearly 100,000 students, and she is telling students not to come to school.

Meanwhile, Jefferson County, Kentucky, is reimposing a "mass concealment" on county facilities and buses. This includes mandates for Jefferson County Public Schools, the most extensive school system in Kentucky and the 30th largest in the country. Jefferson County, home to Louisville, has more than 95,000 students in its public school system.

They're doing it because President Joe Biden's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said they should. As of May 27, the agency still claimed that all children over two should wear masks on public transportation and still recommends that children be concealed if levels of community spread rise significantly. This is the justification cited by Whitehurst-Paine and Jefferson County for reimposing their mandates.

The CDC and its director, Rochelle Wallinsky, are making these recommendations in defiance of every bit of the data we have on children and the COVID-19 virus. Amid all the confusion and contradictory information about COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic, it was clear early on that children were not at risk of contracting the virus. The CDC consistently showed that children were more likely to get the flu from COVID-19.

According to a CDC estimate from April, nearly 55 million children became infected with COVID-19 during the first two years of the pandemic. Using (CDC) data on hospitalizations, we could determine that 0.14% of children who contracted COVID-19 were hospitalized. Even this number is higher than expected because many children admitted to the hospital were brought in for other concerns and tested positive for COVID-19 when accepted. Using the CDC's data on deaths, approximately 0.001% of children who contracted COVID-19 died.

The CDC has been a disaster throughout the pandemic. Still, its guidance hurts the activism of kids simply trying to go back to school as usual after two years of restrictions. Forcing children to wear masks does nothing to minimize the risks they face, but it negatively affects their mental health and social development. The CDC urges schools to burden children with the lack of public health benefits, and more school districts happily agree.

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