Police close Central Florida park due to "aggressive alligator"


Police close Central Florida park due to 'aggressive alligator.'

The Mount Dora Police Department said Palm Island Park was temporarily closed due to an aggressive alligator.

It's alligator mating season here in Florida, and officials warn residents to use extra caution while experimenting with the waterways.

Alligators are found in any body of water in Florida and all 67 counties across the Sunshine State.

These are essential tips to keep in mind to stay safe:

When water levels are low, this also puts the crocodile in motion.

Use extreme caution in the morning or evening hours in shallow water, as the crocodile may think the spray is an animal at the water's edge or an animal in distress.

Please avoid crocodiles you see in the wild and do not feed them.

Remember that it is against the law in Florida to feed or harass an alligator in the wild.

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