Highland Park victims after mass shooting in Chicago


Highland Park victim's daughter, 22, describes how she had to 'keep running' as her mother died next to her because the shooter was still shooting in her direction.

Cassie Goldstein, 22, cried as she recalled her mother, Catherine, 64, who was killed by accused Highland Park shooter Robert Cremo, 21.

Cassie said she initially thought the gunshots were fireworks before she saw the gunman aim his gun at the children as he fired 70 rounds at the July 4 crowd.

She said she watched her mother die and could do nothing but run away

Among them, Catherine, eight were killed in a mass shooting, and dozens were injured when Cremo was arrested by police and faced life imprisonment.

Police found that the 21-year-old could purchase two assault rifles and multiple shotguns despite being called by police twice in 2019 for threatening behavior.

The daughter of a Highland Park shooting victim described the horrific moment her mother was shot in the chest, then fell dead next to her - but had to keep running because the gunman was still shooting at her.

Cassie Goldstein, 22, was watching the Fourth of July parade in a Chicago suburb with her mother, Catherine Goldstein, 64, when police said gunman Robert Cremo, 21, had opened fire on the crowd.

"I was standing there with my mom, and I heard what I thought were fireworks shooting down the street across from me," Casey told NBC Nightly News. Then I looked up and saw the shooter shooting the kids.

Cassie broke down when she described how her mother was shot while trying to escape for cover.

She was shot in the chest, and she fell. Cassie said, "I know she's dead." "So I told her I loved her but couldn't stop because he was still shooting everyone next to me."

Catherine was among the eight dead in the massacre. Among them were the parents of a two-year-old boy who is now an orphan.

Krimo appeared in court on Wednesday, being denied bail as he faced life in prison for the fatal shooting.

Catherine left, was among eight people killed in the aftermath of the massacre on Monday, July 4, in Highland Park, Illinois. She was photographed with her daughter at a graduation party.

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