By Sameh Selim: Musical Greek civilization waves across the Mediterranean

Mr. Sameh Selim

Musical Greek civilization waves across the Mediterranean

The ancient Mediterranean civilizations are gone, and only ancient monuments, culture, and art remain. The beautiful man represented by the beloved Mediterranean peoples from all over the world remains an incredible, romantic artist with a unique character of wit and acceptance. Music and singing are at the forefront of Mediterranean cultures.

We start our conversation with the Greek musical civilization of the Greeks, as it is one of the oldest civilizations in this region. A mixture of local folk art and the majestic aristocracy stirs your feelings, even if you do not understand their language. The language barrier was a dividing line between spread and non-existence, but now we can translate beautiful art easily in the era of globalization.

Before the globalization era that we live in now, the musical civilization of the Greeks flowed to neighboring countries across the Mediterranean. The tones and waves reached the shores of these countries. Sometimes they find significant similarities in the musical instruments and melodies in different languages. Still, the art form and music have one source: the Greek harmonious civilization that infiltrated To the conscience of the neighboring Mediterranean peoples. We find this similarity evident in their wit, splendor of performance, unique romance, dances, and movements that add joy and happiness. The arts of music and dance are very similar between Greece, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Albania, and the Balkan countries. An operatic character dominated even the ancient Egyptian art in Pharaonic Egypt, which stirs feelings and elevates the human soul.

Some names shined in the sky of Greek art, such as the famous Greek singer Harris Alexo and the beloved international singer Demi's Ross of Egyptian origin, born in the city of Alexandria, the capital of the world in the era of Alexander the Great.

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