Tennessee rescuers say a 5-year-old has been trapped in a pool for hours

Tennessee rescuers say a 5-year-old has been trapped in a pool for hours. "Please hurry up and get me out."

Officials said that a 5-year-old boy was in a neighborhood swimming pool when his hand got stuck in a plane, leaving him trapped for hours.

"It was challenging," Lydia Johnston, mother of the boy, told WTVF. "He was struggling at first and telling everyone to hurry up: 'Please hurry up and get me out.'"

According to crews, rescuers rushed to a sub-unit to help rescue the boy on Tuesday, June 21.

"At first, they tried to do things like (Dawn) and baby oil and all sorts of things like that to free his hands, but it became clear that it wasn't going to be taken out without extensive work and removing some concrete," Matthew Stout, chief of the Chapel Hill Fire Department in Tennessee, told WTVF.

Reportedly, it took more than a dozen first responders over three hours to get the baby's arm out. Officials said the process required them to drain the pool and crack the concrete on a day as temperatures soared into the 90s, according to WKRN and the National Weather Service.

"Due to the extreme temperatures and the intense rescue operation, several agencies and individuals have come together," the firefighters wrote on Facebook.

Officials said the boy was stuck at a swimming pool in the Spring Creek Farms area, about 45 miles south of Nashville. After the ordeal, the nearby Franklin fire department shared photos of a hole in the ground and wreckage sitting poolside.

"Thank you for saving my son," Johnston commented on the Chapel Hill Fire Department Facebook page. "It's doing well because of the many heroes."

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