Steve Kerr offers solutions to gun violence

Steve Kerr offers solutions to gun violence that 'won't violate Second Amendment rights

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has been an outspoken advocate of gun control and recently reprimanded senators for failing to pass reasonable safety measures.

But in Game Two of the NBA Finals on Sunday — where massacres in Buffalo, New York, and Ovaldi, Texas, gave way to an ongoing series of mass shootings — the coach stepped up his active game.

Wearing an orange "End Gun Violence" T-shirt at a pre-match press conference, Kerr pushed for "proven laws waiting to be passed" to limit gun deaths, including background checks.

"There are things we can do that don't violate people's Second Amendment rights, but that will save lives," he said before the Warriors defeated the visiting Boston Celtics, 107-88, up the series in one game apiece.

Educating people about gun violence prevention groups is another way, but "I think the most important thing is voting," he said.

Kerr said that "even though most people in this country want gun safety measures in place, a lot of the races (in Congress) are decided by people who aren't so many for any kind of gun safety measure."

He said, "Go out and vote." "This is the only way to convince the people we need to convince."

A recent poll showed that Americans overwhelmingly support background checks on all arms sales. The Democratic-led House of Representatives passed a background check bill in 2021, but Senate Republicans blocked it.

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