Gunman Uvalde sued for $100 million

Gunman Uvalde sued for $100 million

Four families who have children who were injured during a mass shooting are suing the property of the gunman responsible for paying more than $100 million. 

According to the complaint, the families filed the suit in Uvalde District Court 38, seeking compensation for the physical and psychological damage caused by the shooting.

The suit seeks over $100 million in damages from Salvador Ramos' estate. Law enforcement officials shot and killed Ramos after opening fire inside Robb Elementary School on May 24, killing 19 children and two adults.

In addition, 17 children and adults were wounded in the shooting. Thomas J. Law. Henry Four families whose children were injured in the shooting.

Henry investigates several shooting areas, including the purchase of guns Ramos used, how he entered the school, and how law enforcement responded to the shooting.

Ramos bought two AR-15 rifles, including the DDM4 V7 he used for his shootout, from Oasis Outback just days after he turned eighteen. Daniel Defense, manufacturers of the DDM4 V7, have been tested for marketing to children.

Ramos entered Robb Elementary School through the back door. While the teacher was initially criticized for not closing the door, it was later revealed that the door was not locked properly.

Law enforcement's reaction to the shooting was also criticized after it was revealed that police waited outside the school for more than an hour while the gunman stormed inside the school. Police at the scene said they believed it was a fast shooting.

According to the complaint, the four children in the lawsuit were shot in several areas, including the shoulder, leg, face, and back. They had to undergo extensive medical procedures.

The complaint says Ramos "deliberately injures these young children, stole their innocence, and changed their lives forever."

They watched their friends, and teachers get shot at and die right in front of their eyes. They were locked in the room with Ramos when their friends were attacked and forced to stay there for more than 45 minutes, terrified and frightened before the police entered the room and shot and killed Ramos," the complaint stated. 

"We want justice for the families devastated by this shooting and make sure changes are made quickly that protect our children while at school," the attorney added in a statement.

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