By Sameh Selim: Africa, the safe haven

Mr. Sameh Selim

By Sameh Selim: Africa, the safe haven

Thus, the United Nations declared it explicitly for the first time after many decades of neglecting the African continent, one of the world's wealthiest continents. The European countries must look for an alternative to the energy and food crises away from Russia and Ukraine, which will begin to support the African continent to become the new food basket for the world. And self-sufficiency in its products, not to mention the industries based on agriculture, investment, infrastructure, mineral extraction, petroleum, renewable and green energy to be a haven in the future for all countries of the world, large and small.

The United Nations will also, in partnership with the Organization of the African Union, provide scientific, technical, and technical support to the countries of the continent to eliminate the food crisis that is currently sweeping the world. This is how the great nations will wake up from the economic stupor that has dominated their heads for decades after a food disaster caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war that raised the alarm. She announced her support for the African continent, albeit belatedly. Egypt has called and referred to these matters since taking over the presidency of the African Union and has already started alone in infrastructure works inside and outside Egypt in the Nile Basin countries, such as dams, power generation, agriculture, roads, power stations, hospitals, railways, ports, and river navigation with its Egyptian companies. And it is linking the continent from north to south by the Alexandria-Cape Town road, linking Lake Victoria with the Mediterranean Sea via the Nile River, and linking the Maghreb countries with Egypt by land.

Will the world's countries follow Egypt to search for a haven quickly?

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