By Mr. Sameh Selim: Soft power is the key to international cooperation

Mr. Sameh Selim 

Soft power is the key to international cooperation

Literature, arts, sports, and culture have become the keys to modern international politics in reaching goals from the closest and most accessible way, namely, the soft forces that permeate peoples' conscience, capturing and controlling them. Their history is in the memory of each one of us and remains firmly rooted in our conscience. This is how the soft powers of the world tempt the people of the world and dominate them to love these weak forces. The benefits are realized from the product of this obsession or love for these soft forces, and the examples are many in several fields such as music, singing, acting, drawing, sculpture, and plastic art.

 The authoring of books, opinion articles, history, law, philosophy, and sports is a means of rapprochement between peoples, even if they were enemies before, or there were wars or political conflicts between them. Here the construction of these data leads to quick, impressive results much faster than the traditional political rapprochement between heads of state or official diplomats. 

For the state or the government officials of these countries, when I see a Greek citizen, who hears Amr Diab's songs as an adult, An Arab citizen or an Egyptian citizen hearing a piece of music by Demis Ross in the Greek language. Feelings interact, and peoples' cultures mix in creative harmony that bears fruit in giant projects, commercial exchange, joint manufacturing, or cultural, artistic, social, and tourist exchange that benefits both sides.

This is how we devote a new era of peoples diplomacy or popular diplomacy that crosses international borders, as I always call it, as it is the fastest way to international cooperation.

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