U2 performs a surprise party at the Kyiv bomb shelter


U2 performs a surprise party at the Kyiv bomb shelter as Ukraine fights for freedom

U2 shows their support for Ukraine through what they do best: playin music. The members of the Irish rock band, including Bono and The Edge, surprised Kyiv residents with a 40-minute performance at Khreshchatyk metro station on May 8. They sing dressed in black in front of the crowd.

Bono told a crowd of about 100 locals inside the metro station. The people of Ukraine are not only fighting for your freedom; you are fighting for all of us who love freedom.

The appearance of U2 in Kyiv comes just two months after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, when Russia concentrated its energies on eastern Ukraine. Missile strikes have continued since then, and although some people have returned to Kyiv, sirens still sound in the city regularly.

Bono and The Edge are not the only celebrities who have shown their support for Ukraine since the invasion. Angelina Jolie also visited the country recently. She entered a café in Lviv after arriving to visit hospitals and NGOs to help the wounded and displaced after the invasion. During her visit, she was forced to hide as the air raid sirens directed her safely as soon as possible, but luckily she turned out to be okay.

Sean Penn is also one of the celebrities who have visited Ukraine since the invasion. He met the president and attended government press conferences for Vice's upcoming documentary.

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