Russia unleashed a cloud of nitric acid that could blind Ukrainians

Russia unleashed a cloud of nitric acid that could blind Ukrainians

On Tuesday, it was reported that Russian forces bombed a tank with nitric acid in Ukraine's Luhansk region, prompting panicked warnings to residents to protect their faces and stay home.

Serhiy Gaidai, head of the Luhansk regional administration, released a video title warning residents that toxic fumes can cause "serious damage."

And the processing of protective face masks soaked in a soda solution. When nitric acid is applied topically to the eye, it causes severe damage with severe necrosis of the cornea and conjunctiva, causes vision loss," he urged those close to Robezny to stay indoors and close their windows.

In statements to Ukrainian media, Zelensky vowed that the Ukrainian authorities would create an "internal mechanism" to track down Russian soldiers accused of war crimes against Ukrainian civilians, just as Israel's Mossad was hunting down Nazi fugitives around the world.

"We will deal with this matter," he said, adding that "lists will be compiled" of all Russians accused of executing civilians in Ukraine. "People want to find these criminals," he said.

Prosecutors in different countries will deal with all these crimes; they see a lot of evidence. Unfortunately, evidence will continue to emerge - and there will be no less. There is still Izyum ahead of us and many places that [Ukrainian authorities] cannot reach - Melitopol, Berdyansk have been occupied - he said we have no idea what happened there.

His comments came after Russians killed civilians in the town of Bucha, a suburb of Kyiv, left the world reeling as hundreds of innocent residents were found dead in the streets, some bearing signs of torture. Newly released satellite footage from the liberated city showed the bodies of civilians killed littered the streets for weeks before Ukrainian forces recaptured territory from Russia, debunking Moscow's bold claim that Putin's forces did not kill "a single civilian" there. It should have been.

Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Komarov shared footage from Bosha showing the effects of the Russian attacks on evacuees. He said that at least three bullet-riddled civilian cars were found along the evacuation route, including a bus and a vehicle in which an elderly couple was killed.

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