By Mr. Sameh Selim: State without borders

Sameh Selim

By Mr. Sameh Selim: State without borders

The components of strong countries or great powers come from imposing their control over their borders that extend by sea, represented in their sea coasts and territorial waters, or if they overlook great lakes that shore them with other countries, such as the Great Lakes between the United States and Canada, as well as imposing control over their land borders with other countries represented by roads And a land crossing open to other countries, such as the southern border of the United States with Mexico, which is a large border with rugged terrain in some areas, as well as imposing control and control over the airspace altogether.

If these international borders are violated, the sanctity of the state and its sovereignty over its lands will be disregarded. In this case, it becomes a permissible state without borders, or it takes another form in general international law that resembles a non-state, and not only the great states that have the military, legal and logistical capabilities to control their borders, but also the smaller states, which increase From the percentage of military spending, which strives to preserve the sanctity of the state’s borders because it symbolizes sovereignty and authority over its lands, as well as the prevention of drugs, smuggling, terrorism, organized crime, and others.

And the provisions of border control do not mean not receiving immigrants or refugees, even if the country that receives them needs workers. For example, the southern borders that are now open to the United States are open borders for illegal immigrants, so why not codify the legal procedures for entry so that large companies or American institutions bring in These are on her own sponsorship to work for her with temporary work contracts and residences that expire or renew according to the duration of work and the needs of these companies, with the authorities in the state keeping the worker’s passport in exchange for a legal work permit, as he cannot evade paying taxes, as taxes are taken from the source, any of these companies before the workers’ salaries are paid The state also redistributes the population, especially immigrants and refugees, and requires them to stay in particular conditions that suffer from a shortage of population and employment, so that there is no overcrowding in certain areas without the other, and this is for a period of at least 5 years without leaving this place, after which permanent residence or a green card is granted. Method Security and legal control, and tax evasion by working illegally, it is not permissible for the American citizen to pay taxes to those who do not deserve them.

There are two ways to control the land and sea borders of the country, the usual military and security way in all countries, and this is not enough. The legislative and legal practice, on the other hand, is to introduce new laws and regulations for the redistribution of immigrants and refugees to the states of the United States.

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