A former Russian official : Putin may lose his grip on power within a few months

A former Russian official who now works with an opposition leader says Putin may lose his grip on power within a few months

Milov said officials are under surveillance and are afraid to communicate with each other about policies.

Russia's former deputy energy minister, now an advisor to opposition leader Alexei Navalny, said Russian President Vladimir Putin's term is numbered.

On Saturday, Vladimir Milov told CNN correspondent Irene Burnett that senior Russian government officials were "personally devastated" by Putin's aggression in Ukraine.

"For the first time, we're moving in a reverse direction. We had too many difficulties in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, but we were still somewhat open to the world, and the direction was completely different," Milov said. "Russia is now separated from world markets, global financial engineering, technology, logistics, etc."

Milov said that such a breakup had not happened before and that those in positions of power were aware of it.

"So, when I say devastating, I mean it," Milov said.

On March 18, in an opinion piece for Democracy magazine, Milov wrote that "Putin's days are numbered."

He told Burnett on Saturday that Putin still maintains a firm grip on power but likely not for long.

"He can hold out for a while, but a few weeks, months, on the way, many people within the system will begin to question what he is doing, and ordinary Russians will express their displeasure with the deteriorating economic situation, the heavy casualties in the war. Putin has not experienced this," Milov said. Cat".

Milov said Russian elites would begin to question the country's direction and whether Putin is the right leader.

However, for now, he said, communications between government officials are being closely monitored, perhaps even more significant than that of the opposition. Opponents are afraid to talk about Putin's policies in Ukraine.

"If two, three or more people start to argue that Putin is leading the country in the wrong direction, it will certainly be recorded and reported to Putin," Milov said.

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