Seven states hit hard by gas prices

Seven states hit hard by gas prices all have this in common

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine driving up oil prices, residents of some countries are likely to see much more significant increases in their total spending on gasoline.

High gas prices are occurring, and more increases seem inevitable, with oil prices rising in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

West Texas Intermediate jumped 25% in less than two weeks as the world moved to isolate Russia economically in response to the invasion.

Americans are seeing this effect at the gas pump, where prices have jumped in recent days.

But since some states tax less gas, and people drive different cars in different states, it can be hard to deal with how much money they're likely to spend overall with higher gasoline prices.

Using data from Insurify and Metromile, TheStreet analyzed which drivers in the state are likely to see the most damage to their wallets. The results are based on the average miles traveled in each state and the most popular car or truck mileage in that state. Although it is not a perfect form, it can give a sense of where the pain will be felt most.

As of Friday, prices for regular, unleaded gasoline ranged from $3,447 a gallon in Arkansas to $5,074 in California, with a national average of about $3.84, according to AAA data.

The average American drives 14,664 miles annually, based on Metromile data. Mileage ranges from 7,013 miles in the District of Columbia to 24,069 miles in Wyoming.

The most popular car or truck in any country, according to Insurify, comes from a group of nine vehicles that includes Honda Civic, Chevrolet Impala, and Ford F-Series trucks.

Mileage numbers for these vehicles range from 18/22 mpg for the Toyota Tacoma—the most popular car in Hawaii—to as high as 31/40 for the Toyota Corolla—which is favored by frugal drivers in Vermont and Florida.

Based on all of that, the average American spends between $1,838 (city) and $2,100 (highway) per year on gasoline at current prices.

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