By Sameh Selim: Gypsies are a people without a country

Editor: Mr. Sameh Selim

Gypsies are a people without a country

When we mention the word gypsy, we quickly refer to the gypsy movie by the French international artist Alain Delon, who created the gypsy character in this film, shown in cinema and television worldwide. Still, it dealt with the gypsy character from the European point of view in the border area between Spain and France in the Emirate of Andorra and the mountains. The Pyrenees are tourist areas in which Roma are concentrated. They are known for theft, fraud, dancing, music, drug trafficking, and cross-border smuggling.

Gypsy culture and history in Europe are like gangs chased by local authorities and International Interpol in many European countries. They are concentrated in eastern Europe, Balkan countries, and Spanish-French borders. They always take refuge in the mountains from the authorities for their attempt to break the laws. Holders of the nationality of a particular country make it easy to evade the rules and punishment in an attempt to commit crimes punishable by law in one country and then escape across the mountainous border to another country, so it is difficult to track them.

Many of them are not registered with the authorities of a particular state, and their social and legal status is unknown to the unknown among them.

Despite their negative life in separate areas of European countries and their exposure to persecution and prosecution throughout the ages, as happened by Nazis in Germany.

However, they have many advantages that have dazzled the world. They are professionals in music and dance. They have their music and dances, which reflect a well-established culture throughout history and its various stages, such as the Spanish flamenco music.

The Roma peoples do not have a specific homeland or state. They are separate groups that sometimes live in isolated areas. Others merge with the peoples of these countries while retaining their gypsy culture and language; even if they speak the language of the state in which they live, they are a people without a homeland.

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