A baby and his mother died after the bombing in Ukraine

A baby and his mother die after the bombing

According to the Associated Press, a pregnant woman and her baby have died after Russia bombed the hospital where she was supposed to give birth. The images of the woman being carried into an ambulance seen around the world epitomize the horror of an attack on the most innocent human being.

In video and photos taken by Associated Press reporters Wednesday after the hospital attack in the besieged city of Mariupol, the woman is seen caressing her bloodstained lower abdomen as rescuers carry her through the rubble bleached face reflecting her shock at what had just happened. 

The doctors worked to keep her alive. After realizing that she was losing her baby, the medics said to them, "Kill me now!"

Surgeon Timur Marin found the woman's pelvis fractured and separated her hip. The surgeon tried to save her from delivering the baby by cesarean section, but it "didn't show any signs of life."

"The baby and the mum both died."

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