By Sameh Selim: Corona pandemic and the recovery of international cooperation

Mr. Sameh Selim

Corona pandemic and the recovery of international cooperation

Written by: Sameh Selim

Words said in international conferences about the Corona pandemic or the cursed virus that overthrew millions of people worldwide. God issues an order to stop this pandemic, it will stop immediately, but God has not yet given the divine order, for several reasons, in my humble opinion, which are:

First - We do not know the unseen, and it will happen in the future. I think that we were on the cusp of an imminent global nuclear war in light of the atomic arms race in all the known and unknown countries of the world. The outbreak of a nuclear war means the end of the world in a few minutes, signifying the end of life on the surface of the earth, then this pandemic that claimed With the lives of millions of people to protect them from the evil of the destruction of the whole world.

Second - the international community's solidarity has become inevitable in light of this pandemic. There is no time for global wars, internal conflicts, or sectarian and religious conflicts worldwide because another enemy must be fought and eliminated first, Corona, which has become a heavy guest on the international community to rethink and measure and organize its priorities and needs. And it reviews its economic, political, health, or scientific conditions to eliminate the epidemic, and this requires reconsidering international cooperation in a broader way, not only in the scientific and health fields, but in the moral, nuclear, and military fields, and directing these funds to eliminate the successive dangers coming, whether from nature or epidemics and diseases that watching the international community.

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