White House announces child credit website update to help families get full benefits


White House announces child credit website update to help families get full benefits.

The US Treasury and the White House announced on January 24 the relaunch of ChildTaxCredit.gov. Several new rules have been added to help taxpayers file their income tax returns and access the remainder of the Extended Child Tax Credit (CTC) or the total amount.

The President Joe Biden signed off on the US bailout, in March 2021 giving lower-income families better access to credit. This also allowed the IRS to cash out half of the tax credit through monthly payments.

By 2021, eligible families can receive up to $3,600 per child under six and up to $3,000 per child between six and 17 years old. According to the Treasury, tens of millions of families have received a monthly payment from children's treatment. Prices from July through December 2021.

However, some families did not receive any advance payments. Reasons vary from having a new baby in 2021 to not filing taxes before the deadline. These families will receive full credit by filing their 2021 tax returns.

"As tax return season begins, Treasury's priority is to ensure that eligible families can receive the full child tax credit," Deputy Treasury Secretary Wali Ademo said in a statement.

"This benefit has helped families pay for necessities when they need them most, and they were got the second half of credit millions of children can continue to benefit from," he added.

New features on the site include a tool that guides taxpayers to the best free deposit options based on their answers to many questions. Virtual and personal support is also available in multiple languages.

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