CDC : Omicron accounts for 95.4% of variants in US


The CDC estimates that Omicron accounts for 95.4% of coronavirus variants in the United States

(CDC) Tuesday, the Omicron variant was estimated to account for 95.4% of the coronavirus strains in the USA on January 1.

The variant has spread rapidly across the country since its discovery on December 1, replacing Delta as the dominant strain and sparking a new wave of infections that pushed daily cases close to a million on Monday.

The CDC said the variant estimated 77% of cases in the week ending December 25, up from the 58.6% forecast last week.

The fast-spreading species was first discovered in South Africa and Hong Kong in November, although evidence that it may cause milder symptoms than previous strains has provided some relief.

Last week(CDC) lowered its estimate of the cases represented by Omicron in the week ending December 18 to 22% from 73%, citing additional data and discrepancies caused by the variant's rapid spread.

CDC data showed that the delta variant represented 4.6% of all US COVID-19 cases as of January 1.

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