By Sameh Selim: Darkness in the land of dreams

By Mr. Sameh Selim

Darkness in the land of dreams

By Mr. Sameh Selim

The United States, or the land of dreams, is the new land discovered by Christopher Columbus centuries ago. The immigrant thinks in his mind before traveling to the United States that it is all like the three major, major cities on the eastern and western coasts, namely New York, Washington, and Los Angeles, and as the American media portrays them and exports them to the other world that these Cities are the United States. They shorten the United States into two, three, or several cities only, leaving the rest of the states without highlighting them and knowing their truth, making the accurate picture somewhat absent from the outside world.

The manifestations of the land of dreams are that significant cities do not sleep, such as New York and Los Angeles. The streets are teeming with people and are lit at night, and there are various public transportations everywhere.

But the general picture is not complete yet. The painful reality experienced by other American states is not talked about in the American media. It is a topic that some try to hide or evade. It is the dark darkness in most American cities. It states at night and on the highways that connect cities and some of them and conditions and some of them, which causes accidents. Night walks on roads, even inside cities and in many states, due to the lack of visibility at night, coinciding with the absence of public transportation in cities or mass transportation.

I do not know why the state governors neglect this critical file, which is one of the country's national security priorities to reduce nighttime accidents and crimes committed in the darkness of some areas at night.

Whoever poses the problem must find a solution for it. The available solutions rely heavily on clean, renewable energy such as the sun, wind, green hydrogen, and other energy sources to illuminate residential neighborhoods, cities, and roads. Also, lighting cities completely restores American citizens' self-confidence and fearlessness as it expands. By relying on this type of energy, the US government can build a public transportation network that serves citizens in the movement, such as the European cities I have already visited, such as Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Frankfurt, Germany, and others. The American citizen does not need to use his car except in a few cases, which saves fuel consumption and roads. It provides imported spare parts and reduces the rate of traffic accidents.

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