Covid cases in the US rose 150% in the past two weeks


Covid cases in the US rose 150% in the past two weeks; the Omicron variant ruptured in the south as it saw a 1,000% increase in cases, infections jumped 700% in Louisiana and 600% in Louisiana.

The number of cases in 44 out of 50 US states during that period

The period since that time has seen in the southern United States, with Florida, in particular, seeing a 1,000% increase in cases

Most deaths are in Pennsylvania and Michigan.

From the United States on the West Coast and in the Great Plains, which were previously recorded, dancing in all cases

Some experts fear it is just the beginning. The country averaged more than 300,000 new cases for the first time since the pandemic began and recorded 489,267 new patients on Wednesday, the highest day total since the pandemic started in March 2020.

Across the country, all of its cases have fallen 150 percent in the past two weeks. Deaths jumped by 18 percent, to 1,546 deaths per day. More than 75,000 Americans receive treatment for complications and contract Covid every day.

While every state across America feels the effects of the new surge, with 44 of the 50 states reporting increases in cases over the two weeks, US cases in the southern United States are particularly hardest hit.

It has seen the most significant weekly increase in cases over the past two weeks. New daily topics increased by 1,056 percent over the next two weeks.

As of Thursday afternoon, 141 out of every 100,000 people in Florida found out they had the virus each day, the fourth most of any state.

Louisiana also saw a slight increase, with cases up 691 percent in the past two weeks, and as many as 88 of every 100,000 residents who got tested got a backup.

In Georgia, cases doubled in 14 days, with 99 of the 100,000 permanent residents each day in Beach State increasing by 690 during the double weeks.

It also finds itself from the other southern United States among the leaders in the state of growth during the first two weeks. Cases increased again by 387 percent and 359 percent, respectively.

Other southern states that have seen significant booms are Virginia (194 percent increase from overseas), Tennessee (198 percent), North Carr (85 percent), Arkansas (130 percent), and Texas (232 percent).

While states in the south see the most significant increases, New York and New Jersey lead the country in the highest rate of Covid.

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