By Sameh Selim: The splendor of American history in its indigenous people


The splendor of American history in its indigenous people

Written by: Mr. Sameh Selim

When I was a small child, I was fond of watching American films, cowboy films on Egyptian television, in the movie club program. On them by Christopher Columbus, who, when he saw them, thought that he was in East India after crossing the Atlantic Ocean. When he discovered this new land, he called them the Red Indians to distinguish them from the East Indians or the Indians of East Asia. Extermination, killing and spreading diseases and epidemics among them, but despite that, there is something that remains. History does not go away. History remains until the end of the earth and those on it.

If some try to erase the identity or kill the indigenous people, then history remains steadfast and remains in the face of these people, reminding them of the past. They actually remain living in our midst, and we see them and deal with them sometimes, whether at work or in public life.

The splendor of American history leads us to prehistoric times or thousands of years before the birth of Christ when they migrated from Northeast Asia, specifically (Siberia) to Alaska through the Bering Strait until they settled in the Americas and lived in separate tribes with an ancient civilization and customs and traditions before the era of Columbus, so they were almost in The same ability and culture of the Pharaohs in Egypt at the same time, which is known as the Old Stone Age, and they have brilliant achievements in astronomy and mathematics. They have their music, dances, and tribal handicrafts. Cocoa cultivation, from which chocolate is made

In this context, I see a similarity between this ancient civilization, which was deliberately destroyed by the European colonizers, and the Pharaonic civilization, which continued and remained for a long time on the land of Egypt thanks to its strong and organized army at that time.

Suppose civilization has no army to protect it and lives in separate tribes. In that case, it is easy to eliminate it, as happened with the indigenous people or the Red Indians, as Columbus called them.

And when you watch them now as if they are a history book open to you, it reminds you of a history you only saw in old movies.

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