Republican Glenn Youngkin wins Virginia's governor race

                                   Republican Glenn Youngkin

Leading Republicans are seizing Jongkin's victory in last week's Virginia gubernatorial race to call for a reorganization of the party. Republican Glenn Youngkin wins Virginia's governor race.

Liz Cheney, the Wyoming congresswoman who was ousted from the No. 3 leadership position in May for resisting her lies for lies, told Fox News Sunday that her party needs to change course. She said it was sick to the welfare of the United States of America to have two strong parties.

"The only way that the Republican part of Rabiha can go forward aggressively. We have rejected the frankly approved effort by President Trump to steal the election, and if we tell the voters the truth. we have to remember the most conservative ideals of the constitution and the rule of law."

Cheney was also blamed for attempts, notably by Tucker Carlson of News Channel, to shift blame by deadly route away from the US Capitol's supporters, erected to negate his election defeat.

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