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The home insurance policy contains six main items:

 Coverage A Dwelling

The home insurance company covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding the house in case of damage due to fire, hurricanes, lightning, or other natural disasters, bearing in mind that the home insurance policy does not pay the cost of repair or rebuilding for damages caused by floods or earthquakes because there is a particular procedure for damages Caused by earthquakes is called an earthquake Policy. There is another document to cover the dangers resulting from floods called Flood Policy.

Coverage B Other Structures

This item of the home insurance policy covers the cost of repairing or replacing buildings that are not related to housing, such as the garage and swimming pool, and in most documents, 10% of Coverage A

 Coverage C Personal Property

This item provides an insurance story against theft or fire of your home and other personal property owned by you or family members living with you in the same house, such as furniture and household appliances.

 Coverage D Loss of Use

This item helps to cover additional living costs if your home is damaged due to an insured risk to the extent that you are not allowed to live in the house, such as repairing the bathrooms.

 Coverage E Personal Liability

This item provides insurance coverage if you or one of your family members are legally responsible for unintentionally injuring others. The insurance policy provides legal defense, and compensation is paid in filing a claim or filing a lawsuit against the insured due to bodily injury or damage to his property. There are other cases covered by the insurance policy, Such as medical bills and legal expenses if someone is accidentally injured or damages to their private property and the injured party's loss of wages.

 Coverage F Medical Payment

This item covers the medical expenses of people accidentally injured in your home if, for example, your neighbor's child is injured while playing in your home.

And many optional extras can be added to the home insurance policy, such as jewelry, watches, cameras, postage stamps, musical instruments, rare coins, silverware, antiques, art paintings, furs, credit cards, cash and firearms, and a Home Computer can also be added for a few Dollars for insurance on iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, IPad to insure against theft or fire.

Several documents contain the same six items as HO4 for renting a house and apartment and cost about $90 a year, and HO6 Condo, HO7 Mobile Home.

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