Florida: Search for suspended in the death of Gabi Petito

Gabi Petito

Florida: Search for suspended in the death of Gabi Petito

 Search for suspended Monday at a Florida nature reserve for a man police say is a person of concern in the death of his girlfriend Gabriel "Gabi" Pettito, whose body authorities believe was discovered in a Wyoming Park native the couple visited.

In a news release, the North Port Police Department said that the agency "currently has no plans to conduct a significant search" for Brian Laundry, 23, on Monday from the 24,000-acre in Sarasota County, Florida.

"They have exhausted all avenues to search for land there," the police statement said.

It was not immediately apparent if investigators were looking elsewhere for Laundry.

Over the weekend, investigators focused intently on the wildlife area after Laundry's parents told police he may have gone there last week. 

Charles Jones, the FBI's supervising special agent, said the cause of death had not yet been determined. 

"A full forensic identification has not been completed to confirm 100% that we have found Gabe, Jones, and other law enforcement officials refused to answer questions during a Sunday evening news conference in Grand Teton to announce the discovery of the body.

Petit's father, Joseph, posted on social media a picture of a broken heart over his daughter's photo with the message: "You made the world."

In a statement, a lawyer who acted as a spokesman for the Pettito family requested that the family be given space to grieve.

Attorney Richard Benson Stafford noted that the family would make a public statement later and thanked officials at the FBI, Grand Teton Search, and Rescue, and other agencies involved in the search for Petito.

Law enforcement search efforts have been focused on over the weekend. In July, the couple left for a cross-country trip in a converted truck to visit national parks in the western United States. 

The Petit family was begging the Laundry family to tell them where their son had last seen her. Petito and Londry were childhood sweethearts who met while growing up on Long Island, New York. 

The couple's Ford Transit journey began in July from Long Island. They intended to reach Oregon by the end of October, according to their social media accounts. But authorities said Pettito disappeared after her last known contact with her family in late August from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Moab police eventually decided not to press charges and instead separated the couple for the night, with Laundry registered at a motel and Pettito staying with the diverted sleeper van.

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