The federal government launches financial aid programs

The federal government launches financial aid programs

For 4th Stimulus Check Update: $2,000 Online Petition Makes a Big Step, New $600 Grant for Food Workers Unveiled

Although a fourth stimulus check seems unlikely at this point, the federal government has launched other financial aid programs that would give eligible Americans additional money. Moreover, online petitions are close to completing their vast milestones.

Many Americans have accumulated huge expenditures and debts over the past few years. Unfortunately, as the pandemic continues, Americans feel uncertain about whether they can find the money to pay their daily expenses. To help its citizens fight poverty, the federal government is offering all the financial benefits they can get for this year.

Americans can now get paid for health insurance deductions and Social Security Income (SSI) benefits, as well as through the Farm and Food Workers Relief Program.

Stimulus Check Fourth Update: Ongoing Programs Available

Some states have already provided additional relief funds to their residents. California, for example, is busy with its second wave of $600 to $1,100 Golden State incentive checks for eligible citizens. Families who need an extra payment should visit their local government for potential programs they can apply to.

Regardless, here are notable running programs that should give Americans a few hundred dollars.

Health Insurance Discounts

The newly implemented Affordable Care Act imposes "medical loss ratio" requirements on health insurers. To summarize, insurers must spend "80 percent of their premiums on claims and other activities of value to policyholders." For large insurance groups with 50 or more employees, 85 percent of their premiums must be spent.

Based on last year's records, insurers received nearly $2.5 billion in discounts. This year, about $2.1 billion is expected. This money should ideally be distributed to more than 10.7 million Americans.

Social Security Income Benefits: Cost of Living Adjustments

An earlier report also mentioned a potential 6 percent increase in the cost of living adjustments (COLA) in 2022. Social Security income benefits may include an additional $100 over the regular budget based on these numbers. The government has released an online SSA calculator to help Americans check their eligibility and the amount owed.

Farm and Food Workers Relief Grant Program

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) declared a $700 million grant to support farmworkers, food workers, and frontline workers. The program can release payments of up to $600 in financial relief for their expenses. Note, however, that the official application form submission will begin this fall. Workers must apply for the grant to receive the money.

Online Petitions for Fourth Stimulus Check

Despite the progress, some Americans continue to petition for direct relief payments through stimulus checks. Here are some of the notable online petitions that have gained popularity.

Stephanie Boonen began petitioning for $2,000 monthly stimulus checks for Americans. It has officially reached 2,900,456 signatures at the time of writing. He's less than 100,000 signatures away from reaching the massive milestone of 3 million supporters.

Meanwhile, the Association of Senior Citizens has begun petitioning for a $1,400 stimulus payment for seniors, and the organization said seniors are severely affected by the pandemic. They called on the government to subsidize their healthcare expenditures, medicine, rations, and other related necessities.

There is also a petition for payments of $600 to SSDI and SSA recipients. Notably, SSDI and SSA recipients are not included in Golden State Stimulus Screening recipients. The members of this petition have requested adjustments and considerations for their circumstances.

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