Who is responsible for the chaos in Afghanistan?

A family try to escape from Taliban

Who is responsible for the chaos in Afghanistan?

Most of the people of the Middle East blame the US administration for the collapse of Afghanistan and the control of the Taliban movement, which supports violence and terrorism, and condemn the withdrawal of the US army from there.

They neglected in their assessment of the situation important things:

First: The violence and terrorism in Afghanistan are the product of an intellectual, cultural, and religious environment in which these armed youth were brought up and raised. They are the product of failed family education and religious institutions that support terrorist and extremist ideology.

Second: Where is the role of the state of Afghanistan as a government and people in confronting extremist ideology in the media and educational institutions in schools, universities, and others?

The US administration decided to enter Afghanistan in 2001, after the bombing of the World Trade Center, which was claimed by the terrorist Osama bin Laden. It was feasible, so it decided to withdraw its military forces at a time when it coordinated with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to secure the country and lead it after the withdrawal of US forces on August 31. What happened is the speed of the Taliban movement in controlling and besieging the cities and seizing the Afghan army's weapons and equipment, including the American planes handed over by the American administration to the Afghan government.

The Afghan president went out to call on the neighboring countries to support him and help him, but no one responded to his call, so he decided to flee the country and from here the chaos began. He was supposed to stand firm and confront these extremist groups and protect his people from their harm, as President Sisi did in Egypt.

The American situation here is very thorny and embarrassing for President Biden, who promised millions of Americans during his election to withdraw the American army from the Middle East, because American families have disintegrated as a result of getting involved in useless wars, and American taxpayers refuse to let their money go to buy weapons in The Middle East, they want to use their money here in America to develop infrastructure, education services, health care and support for low-income families, they do not want to spend their money on wars that do not concern them in anything, this is the situation for American society

President Joe Biden wanted to fulfill his promise to the voters to withdraw American forces from Afghanistan, and he had no other choice, especially since Barack Obama had previously promised the Americans to evacuate American forces, but he did not fulfill his promise to the people, and this was one of the reasons for the Democratic Party's loss of the presidential elections in 2016, as he promised. Former President Donald Trump withdrew the US military after he concluded an agreement with the Taliban to stop terrorist operations, prevent violence and draw up a withdrawal plan before the September 11 anniversary.

The summary of events is that every country in the world has the right to be independent and self-reliant in managing its affairs without the need for American intervention, for two reasons:

First: All previous American administrations were criticized for their interference in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it is time for these governments to become independent from the American administration and take care of their affairs themselves.

Second: After the Corona epidemic and the closure of the economy and the cessation of commercial activity for more than a year, the American administration began to reconsider the volume of foreign spending as a result of the rise in economic crises that major American companies suffered in the last period and which prompted them to declare their bankruptcy. These deteriorating financial conditions made the idea of ​​arming the American army Externally, it must be reconsidered, especially since the presence of US forces costs the administration billions of dollars without a rewarding return

Afghanistan will not change as long as its institutions ignore the spread of extremist ideology and leave young people without awareness and guidance. America’s stay in Afghanistan for long decades will not change anything, and what happened yesterday is the best evidence that the American administration wasted 20 years for nothing in this country.

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