This weekend, gun violence in three US cities, Chicago, saw the worst

This weekend, gun violence in three US cities, Chicago, saw the worst, with 52 shootings and five murders recorded

Among them was 7-year-old Serenity Proton, who was shot in the back of her parents' car on Sunday afternoon while on a trip to visit her grandmother.

Police said they did not believe she was the intended target of the shooting, and her sister Aubrey, 6, was also wounded.

Philadelphia has also seen a series of shootings, with 11 people and five being shot from Friday night to Saturday evening.

New York City saw eight people shot at a party in Brooklyn early Monday morning.

This came during a two-hour spree as 16 were shot through the Big Apple

Three people were also shot dead in New York within four hours on Saturday

America suffered another bloody weekend of gun violence, with at least 82 people killed and 13 killed across Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York alone.

Chicago was hardest hit, with at least 52 shootings recorded and five killed - including a 7-year-old girl - from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Philadelphia saw 11 shootings, five killed as a result, while 16 people were shot in New York City during one hour.

Eight of them were killed in one incident at an apartment complex in Brooklyn's Bedford Stiffsant neighborhood. Also, three people were killed in New York on Saturday.

In Chicago, a seven-year-old girl sitting in the back of a parked car was among the dead during the city's latest bout of violence, while her six-year-old sister cut her lung after she too was injured.

The two girls were shot around 2 pm. On Sunday, just as their parents tied them to the family car for a trip to their grandmother's house.

The girls' paternal grandmother, Regina Broughton, identified the Serenity sisters - who both died - and Aubrey Broughton, who is being treated for severe injuries in hospital after the shooting in the Belmont neighborhood of Windy City.

Both had multiple gunshot wounds, authorities said, and Serenti died in hospital of her injuries. At the same time, as of Sunday evening, Aubrey was moved from the intensive care unit, as she had a perforated lung, CBS 2 reported.

Both were taken to Loyola University Medical Center, where Serenity was pronounced dead.

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