The list of US employers requiring workers to be vaccinated

The list of US employers requiring workers to be vaccinated, with others offering incentives to encourage injections

Vaccines request:




Equinox and its subsidiary SoulCycle

Black stone

New York City

Delta Airlines (for new employees)

Goldman Sachs



Morgan Stanley


Saks Fifth Avenue

California State

New York State

United Airlines (for new employees)

The Washington Post Company

Providing incentives for employees to get vaccinations:

ALDI Grocery (paid leave)

Amazon ($100 bonus for workers who get vaccination on their first day of work)

Amtrak (2 hours bonus for vaccinated people)

American Airlines (paid for a vacation day in 2022 and a bonus of $50)

Bolthouse Farms ($500 bonus for vaccinated employees)

Chobani (paid leave of up to six hours for employees to be vaccinated)

Darden Restaurants, which owns the Olive Garden (four hours of paid vacation to cover two doses of Corona vaccine)

Dollar General ( four hours of paid vacation)

Instacart ($25 salary for in-store employees and independent contractors)

JBS USA and Pilgrim's ($100 Bonus)

Kroger ($100 bonus with proof of vaccination plus $100 store credit and 1,000 fuel points for essential and frontline employees)

Lidl ($200 bonus and flexible scheduling for vaccinated employees)

McDonald's ( four hours of paid time for vaccinated employees)

Publix ($125 gift cards for employees who show proof of vaccination)

Starbucks (up to four hours paid for vaccine dose appointments)

Goal (up to four hours of paid vacation per vaccine dose and $30 compensation for using Lyft to get to their appointment)

Trader Joe's (fee an extra 2 hours per serving and scheduling flexibility)

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