Masks are required for the school year begins in Prince William County

Masks are required before the school year begins in Prince William County

New Superintendent Latania McDaid announced Monday that mask-wearing would be needed for Prince William County public schools district, starting at 2021-22 school year.

McDaid said in a note to parents and staff that masks will be required for all teachers, staff, students, and school visitors, regardless of vaccination status, with some exceptions. Additional exceptions may include medical conditions or students whose disability may prevent the wearing of masks.

According to the supervisor, by disguise, Prince William's schools will be: Maintain a layer of relief for staff and students when physical distancing is not possible.

Significantly reduce potential disruptions in the educational environment resulting from student quarantine.

Save time until vaccinations are available at all ages and for more students to receive vaccinations.

Minimize potential impacts on employees due to employee illness or quarantine.

The Prince William County school year begins on August 23.

Loudoun and Fairfax Public Schools also require masks for staff and students to start the school year as the delta variant of COVID-19 cases is counted across the metropolitan area and country.

In all three district school systems, masks will be required despite the vaccination status.

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