Haiti earthquake death rises to 1,297 with at least 2,800 injured

Haiti earthquake death rises to 1,297 with at least 2,800 injured

The death toll from the 7.2-magnitude earthquake that rocked the island of Haiti on Saturday has been increased to 1,297, with at least 2,800 injured.

Officials in Les Cayce believe there are only 30 doctors for a million residents.

The earthquake destroyed the city's underground water pipes and destroyed the city's markets, leaving hundreds without food.

Hundreds of homes and buildings were flattened, and violent tremors opened prison walls.

The death toll from the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti rose to 1,297 on Sunday as neighboring countries rushed aid and rescuers rushed to find survivors buried under the rubble before a tropical storm hit.

Saturday's 7.2-magnitude earthquake devastated thousands of homes and buildings in a Caribbean nation that is still grappling back from another significant earthquake 11 years ago and reeling from the assassination of its president last month.

Southwest Haiti bore the brunt of the blow, particularly in and around Les Cayes. Haiti's Civil Protection Agency said the death toll from the disaster had risen to 1,297. Hospitals were still operating and struggling to deal with the nearly 5,700 casualties recorded so far.

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