Elementary and college students return to the classroom amid mask and vaccine mandates


Elementary and college students return to the classroom amid mask and vaccine mandates

 Amid a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases, elementary school and college students add vaccine shots to their back-to-school list.

On Saturday, DC held a back-to-school party for families at the Woody Ward Recreation Center in Suite 7, where kids can get free backpacks and school supplies plus a vaccine.

"I am worried, but with the vaccination, at least I am 95% sure they will be fine. The vaccination they are receiving today, I am concerned," said mother, Catherine Akol.

Her daughter, Bukonmi Acholi, turned 12 in June and said she sought the vaccine before entering 7th grade.

Mayor Bowser recently announced that all DC Public School employees must be vaccinated by September 19 or undergo weekly COVID tests.

She says Bokonmi is willing to stop the virus's spread by getting vaccinated and wearing masks - even if they are uncomfortable.

"It would be great to wear masks because we won't have to spread them, and we won't have to spread them more... COVID more," she said.

Meanwhile, college students are back on campus, as at the University of the District of Columbia.

It's a transition day that many new students haven't experienced, with masks lining the hallways and disinfectant on every desk.

Liana Molly, from California, said she wants to make sure she stays on campus.

Molly said: "It is upsetting to think about whether or not I would go home if the school closed. But I hope things get better. People continue to wear their masks."

The University of DC also has a vaccine mandate for students and staff.

As Molly settles into her first semester, seniors like Schaffer Henry already had a post-graduation in mind.

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