By Sakhshi Sharma: Defunding the Police is Wrong

Sakhshi Sharma

By Sakhshi Sharma: Defunding the Police is Wrong

Although there are multiple cases of police violence, defunding the source of security that our nation upholds is not the solution. Solely limiting the funds the police force receives will ultimately result in (but not limited to) abrupt crime increase and a growth in unemployment rates leading to escalating poverty rates.

Firstly, by defunding the lifeline of the United States, there will be outrage based on crime. If the amount of money distributed to the police is restrained, it will be the leading cause of increased police violence. In other words, through restricting incoming funds, resources for training will decline, which roots the lack of knowledge, practice, and instruction. Hence, these limitations are skills gained from training, and if diminished, the police will have less expertise. Consequently, if there is a situation in which an officer does not know how to respond, then this leads to a decrease in authority along with mistrust among the police force—the origin of heinous acts throughout our country. If the public begins to challenge police authority, everyone will take police officers lightly, resulting in sudden outrage.

It can be interpreted that when the salary of an occupation decreases, there is a drop in the demand for the job. Fundamentally, as per Data USA, the second most common race in the police force is black. This pronounced fact emphasizes that if the salary of the police is reduced, the minority will be hit the hardest—essentially prompting poverty rates to become a prime aspect of the economy.

Substantially, defunding the police has been a hot topic due to the Black Lives Matter movement, but if this action is taken, there will be severe consequences—including an increase in hate crimes.

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