Additional EBT benefits will be rolling out soon for eligible families

Additional EBT benefits will be rolling out soon for eligible families.

Alabama families who qualify for a Pandemic EBT can expect to see additional benefits charged on their EBT cards within the next week.

In June, the Alabama Department of Human Resources issued P-EBT benefits to nearly 470,000 children who have missed out on free or reduced-price school meals because of the pandemic. These benefits covered missed meals from August through December 2020. Now, eligible children will receive benefits from January through May 2021.

The upcoming P-EBT benefits will be added electronically to eligible families who earned EBT cards in June and July. Recipients should keep their cards because additional benefits may be added in the future.

Pre-K and 12th grade children qualify for P-EBT if they lose access to meals because their schools closed or switched to virtual and blended learning models in response to the pandemic. Children who returned to in-person learning in the January-May period are not eligible for these benefits because they were present at school to receive their meals through the National School Lunch Program.

The Human Resources Department oversees the distribution of P-EBT with the help of ALSDE. The USDA Department of Food and Nutrition administers the program at the federal level.

"As our children grow up and rethink the challenges of the pandemic, we hope painful memories of child hunger do not overburden them," said Nancy Buckner, commissioner for the Alabama Department of Human Resources. "P-EBT has helped Alabama provide the kids with more food during this time." The hard part of history.

A toll-free customer service hotline (800-1-5827-410) is available for questions regarding P-EBT. Support professionals are open from 7 am to 6 pm - Monday through Friday.

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