By Hisham Bakr : Egyptian Ali Farag and Nour El-Sherbiny crowned world champions at PSA 2020-21

Nour El-Sherbiny

Egyptian Ali Farag and Nour El-Sherbiny crowned world champions at PSA 2020-21

By: Hisham Bakr

PSA World Championship news:

Egyptian world number one Ali Farag and Nour El-Sherbiny lifted the Walter family's 2020-21 PSA World Championship after defeating his compatriots Mohamed El-Shorbagy and Nouran Gohar, respectively, inside the University of Chicago Club Cathedral Hall.

Farag obtained the men's PSA World Championship title for the second time - becoming the third Egyptian to do so - after winning 7-11, 12-10, 11-9, 11-4 over El Shorbagy, making him return from a. Game down and 7-0 behind per second.

Despite that victory, the 29-year-old Farag - who won three consecutive titles in Chicago after winning the 2018-19 PSA World Championship and Windy City Open last year - will overtake world No. 1 by El Shorbagy the rankings. PSA for August, as El Shorbagy only needed to make it to the final here in Chicago to regain the top spot.

Ali Farag

Farag's win is the 22nd of his career and his third in the 2020-21 PSA World Tour season after previous successes at the CIB Egyptian Open and Qatar Classic. This comes just 11 days after the birth of his daughter, Farida.

"I am very emotional about this because it is such a special week for me with my baby daughter, who has just been born. Farag said

"It [Chicago] has become my favorite city and not just because of the events but because of the people who make you feel welcome. The Walter family never ceases to amaze us with how much they support the sport.

Ali Farag

"Muhammad, when I share the court, every time, it is an honor for me. We are here, our generation, because of him. He supported us, and we have to keep raising our bar. I am in awe of what he is doing, which is why we are here today."

Like Farag, El-Sherbiny also took home the 2018-19 PSA World Championship title when it was held at Union Station in Chicago and became the third woman to win five world titles thanks to an 11-5, 11-8, 8-11, 11-9 victory over the world No. 2 core.

In addition to the most famous title in squash, the number one in the world was also available. However, El-Sherbiny - who played in her seventh World Championship final - retained Johar to retain the rankings and take the world title for the third consecutive season.

"I am happy. If someone had told me before that I would win five world championships, I would not believe them," said the 25-year-old El Sherbini.

"It's hard to believe I just won my fifth world championship. It was so hard to the end. Nuran kept pushing me; she kept fighting and never gave up. That's why she's here, playing her first world championship final; I know her size and how she feels.

"She didn't show any pressure, I played hard until the last point, and I'm glad I finally finished it. I think I had to wait until the final to lose one game and to be ranked No. 2 in the world. I'm going to celebrate with my dad and back home, my mum and my brother, the whole family. And friends, it's too late now, but everyone is up and watching."

Nour El-Sherbiny

This season's PSA World Championships is the second $1,000,000 sports tournament - after the 2018-19 edition - and El-Sherbiny and Farag take home the highest-earning winner in squash, which is over $64,000.

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