By Hisham Bakr: The Telepathic Ghost of EL-Naddāha" the caller"


Hisham Bakr

The Telepathic Ghost of EL-Naddāha" the caller"

Written by: Hisham Bakr

Life has changed in a significant way in El Shourok City, in Cairo of Egypt. It used to be the most critical open park in the Middle East with its healthy and aromatic climate. It used to be decorated with the most beautiful flowers, trees, and colorful buildings.

Unfortunately, nowadays, its skies are being infested with UFOs and other alien aircraft.

El Shorouk has become a hotbed for a scorching climate, supernatural events, and the appearances of aliens. Its soil began to die, desertification began to spread, and plants stopped growing, between the agricultural officials neglecting everything and the mortification of the earth. It all turned what once was heaven to look into a graveyard and a hellish scene to gaze upon. What once was aromatic is now filled with a mystery stench surrounding the place as if you were in a closed coven with a rotten corpse. The disappearances of both people and animals began to have a rapidly increased rate.

The warnings and caution signs began to spread to warn people of the night, the power shutdowns, and the explosions of lamps. They are to avoid any darkness whatsoever. The stairways of the buildings began to be filled with running water without anyone knowing where nor what is causing this. Many ponds started to accumulate in the middle of the streets, and by night a wonderful woman begins to emerge from any of the ponds. The beautiful woman had a heavenly body with the most feminine curves possible. It would appear holding a cigarette between her fingers, and she only would gaze upon whoever sees her; if he is alone, she sends telepathic and spiritual thoughts of desire to his mind to amaze and control him. Afterward, the man would disappear, or go insane in the mist that surrounds her, once she appears. If someone notices them, she throws her cigarette, which causes a massive explosion with blinding light and disappears without a trace.

A young man named Wegdan was going upstairs to his apartment in the middle of the night when suddenly the lamps exploded, and the place fills in pitch-black darkness. He froze out of fear; then, he began to hear a feminine voice calling his name in the most seductive yet terrifying way. Wegman got his phone out quickly and opened the flashlight; he found Ghost of EL-Naddāha," the caller, "a gorgeous girl in her twenties being embodied out of white smoke coming out of a puddle of water. The gorgeous girl appeared to have wings like angels and wore a white see-through nightgown just like fairy tales. The white nightgown was revealing her amazing body traits. She was speaking in the smoothest, most hypnotic voice, and all without moving her lips. She came closer to him and began kissing him while saying with her mind: "Wegdan, my love, I'm all yours."

The Ghost of EL-Naddāha," the caller, "lit up a cigarette and blew its smoke in his face, then he felt that he was being sedated with its beautiful smell.  

Wegman said while stuttering: Who! Who are you? I feel that I know you somehow. I think that I have seen or lived this before. How are you kissing me yet able to talk into my mind without moving your lips?

I feel that we are dancing the Tango without moving a muscle. The girl laughed with hypnotic attractiveness and replied seductively:

Oh! My sweetheart, I would gladly lay my life as a price for letting you be afraid, even for a second. I'm telepathic; my soul speaks and connects to yours. We were destined to be together even before humanity was created for thousands of years. Our souls were intertwined In the world of spirits created two thousand years before humans, even before we became an idea. I will give you heaven on earth and punish your enemies with hell, all by using my telepathic powers. I can torture by destroying brain cells or by mental programming

I did it before with Yeltsin, the former Russian president, I gave him an illness that killed him, and I like to call it the telepathic bullet. I also did it once more in Vietnam, and I possessed Nina Kulagina, then I killed so many people, then by the end, I killed her. All that killing was for one only to protect The Temples of Mysterious Telepathic Killing from being public knowledge. All was to keep everything intact for your ownership, even myself. You are the only soul-mate for The Telepathic Ghost of EL-Naddāha.

Wigan began to shake his head with a No, then replied: supernatural beings, telepathy, time-travel all are superstitions nonsense just like your existence in this very moment.

EL-Naddāha laughed and said:

You are a Muslim, yet you deny all of this. Despite what happened with Omar bn el Khattab when he was thousands of miles away in El Madina in Saudi Arabia, and (Saria) the Muslim army commander was in lands Fares in the other end of Asia. When Omar bn el Khattab felt that there was danger on the Muslim army and called (Saria), yet (Saria) was able to hear him, and if it weren't for that telepathic moment, the Muslim army would have lost the war. You deny telepathy, even though a mother can feel a child is about to fall from his bed while she is in another room. Will you also deny your feeling that this was going to happen before it did?

EL-Naddāha dropped her cigarette on the ground, there was a massive explosion, and the place lit up like day-light, while she was telling Wegdan:

Come with me, lover, to my heaven in the underworld through the Salsabeel fresh cool pure watergate. She headed towards the light while Wegdan began to follow her.

Suddenly, he saw his sister running down the stairs with a flashlight in one hand and some salt in the other. His sister grabbed him, began to shake him, and then started throwing salt on EL-Naddāha while reading the Quran.

EL-Naddāha said while disappearing in water:

Someday you will be mine.

Then she laughed in a sinister way while saying to his sister:

You saved him this time, but I will get him eventually, no matter how long it takes. He is mine.

The end

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