A tourism company invites Americans to visit Egypt

A tourism company invites Americans to visit Egypt
Bishoy Ephraim

A tourism company invites Americans to visit Egypt
Rose Mary News newspaper conducted an interview with Mr. Bishoy Ephraim, owner of Holidays with Joy Travel and its role in promoting tourism in Egypt
What is the purpose of establishing Holidays with Joy Travel
It is a tourism company based in Triumph Square in Heliopolis
Our first goal is to direct the American market to visit Egypt as a promising tourist destination in the coming days
Because of our knowledge and experience in the tourism market, such as we have worked in the tourist market in Egypt for many years as tourist guides, and because we believe in the value of Egypt, including the religious, therapeutic and cultural tourism it contains, beaches and places
And its civilization is seldom found in any other country
What are the tourism programs offered by the company
 We have prepared tourism programs to visit Egypt that meet the desires of the tourist
So we prepared economic programs, specialized programs and higher services in order to reshape the market
Tourist again and direct him to visit Egypt because of our belief in the place of great Egypt

What are the distinguished services provided by the tourism company
 We have developed a highly studied curriculum that is also suitable for serving Egyptian citizens of immigrants
As soon as he arrives in the beloved land of Egypt
Our buses, where we have a fleet of luxurious tourist buses, and he will assist him in clearing the arrival procedures, then take him to the hotel in Cairo, and the visit to Egypt begins from Cairo with a comprehensive tour guide, all the visits and nights of dinner in the most luxurious Nile boats to Aswan to enjoy Luxor and Aswan in the program about 5 days accompanied by a tour guide in a full stay in a cruise in the Nile, then Going to spend 4 days in Hurghada in a 5- star hotel, then return to Cairo
What countries are included in the visit program
We have also set up more than one program to suit the needs of each group, as we also have a program to visit Egypt, Jordan and the Holy Land
We also have the flexibility to configure programs according to the time and desire of our customers
For our customers in Egypt, we have internal programs, as we have Jerusalem trips, as well as European trips

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Examples of tourism programs

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