By Sameh Selim: Influential media and superficial media

By Sameh Selim

Influential media and superficial media

By Sameh Selim- Member of US Press Agency

The press and media are the fourth modern and contemporary state authority. The media enjoys immunity and influential power in developed countries if it has credibility and the power of influence in society. Credibility is the largest and strongest element that gives the media the power to influence and change society’s viewpoint on a specific topic or issue.


On the other hand, the ineffective media, or the superficial media, does not have the power of influence in society because it sometimes adopts trivial issues, so it is disconnected from reality and its real issues, or it does not enjoy credibility, so it is not influential, or it is not neutral in the issues it presents, or it does not speak the language of the country in which it originates. How do you address people or officials who only speak English? Do you speak to them in another language and hope your message reaches them? This is against logic and reason, or you write an article in a different language presenting an important political, social, legislative, or legal issue. How will everyone listen to you? This is what the Arab media does, whether in its own country. The Arabic in which he grew up or in the diaspora countries, so how will the media message be delivered this way?

One of the causes of media superficiality and narcissism is talking to oneself all the time. Whoever talks to Arab societies is only talking to himself and listening to his voice, so what is the benefit of this media?

Sick media narcissism also includes the media’s ignorance of successful media models that were able, through their strenuous personal efforts, to provide good, professional media content in the English language so that it reaches senior officials in the country in which you live, changes the laws, and has a balanced role between the power of influence and credibility in the global press market; Rosemary News is an American-Arab electronic newspaper in Washington, DC.

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