Written by Salwa Rizk: Jihad of faith

Salwa Rizk

Jihad of faith

Written by Salwa Rizk

Faith is belief with the heart and uttering it with the tongue. And our Orthodox Christian faith, which we received from our fathers, the apostles, and saints, we must adhere to and preserve until the end of life (Fight the good fight of faith and lay hold of eternal life. 1 Timothy 6-12).... + Personal faith is complete trust in God and in His promises that were mentioned in The Holy Bible. Faith is confidence in what we hope for and certainty in things that are not seen (Hebrews 11:1) + To strive to enjoy the life of faith, we stand with ourselves and see God offering us the promise. We must believe it, hope to expect it, and patiently wait for it calmly. 

+ We saw Jesus Christ having all the glory in most healing miracles. He used to say, “Go in peace; your faith will heal the woman with the issue of blood and others,” and in the miracles of raising the dead, such as raising the daughter of Jairus and the son of a sleeping woman through the faith of their relatives, and the divine power of our Lord, His love for humanity, and His compassion for all, they rise from their death...

+ What a loss for us if our faith is theoretical when we believe God exists exactly like the devils learn the same information. This is called theoretical faith, which has no fruits. Its roots extend to our Lord, who blesses our lives and plants His love in our hearts. As for practical faith, it is the faith that produces fruit for our lives by adhering to our Lord. Faith that proves our faith in God and produces fruits in our lives worthy of the children of God (by works faith is perfected, the message of our teacher James) also through practical, fruitful faith, love that is patient and kind and does not envy or boast (Galatians 5:6) + We strive for God to give us true, fruitful faith so that we may be + Enjoying communication with our Lord + enjoying God’s satisfaction.

Therefore, we raise our hearts and eyes to you, O God, the Lover of humankind, to give us the grace to fight the true struggle of faith so that we are guarded by your divine grace, which guarantees us an eternal inheritance and because you are the compassionate God who gives us generously and does not lend us. We prostrate to you, O good one, lover of humankind.

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