Donald Trump is officially arrested after historic indictment in New York City

Donald Trump

President Trump is formally arrested and tried in New York City

Former President Donald Trump's motorcade was taken to Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday (April 4). Upon arrival, Trump exited his car, waved to supporters, and entered the building.

Trump faces criminal charges in court after a landmark indictment.

Now: Donald Trump is being arraigned in a New York courtroom after surrendering to authorities. He is expected to plead not guilty and is the first former president to face criminal charges.

The indictment is expected to be released on Tuesday, with the first public details about the charges provided. CNN reported that Trump would face more than 30 counts of commercial fraud as part of an investigation into silent money payments to an adult film actress in 2016.

A judge ruled Monday evening that news outlets would not be allowed to air the lawsuit, but five photographers would be allowed to take pictures.

Trump's legal team said the former president plans to contest the charges. The former president, who has vowed to continue his bid for 2024, is scheduled to return to Florida after the indictment and speak tonight at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump's legal team will look to challenge "every possible case" once the indictment is filed.

TRUMP ATTORNEY: I anticipate a motion to dismiss the charges

  The media will not be able to broadcast the lawsuit live, a judge said Monday night, rejecting a request from several media organizations, including CNN.

However, five still photographers will be allowed to take photos of Trump and the courtroom before the hearing.

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