By Mr. Sameh Selim: Prisoner escape

Prisoner escape

Mr. Sameh Selim- member of United States Press Agency

Will the North Korean people flee if war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula to South Korea and Japan?

This is the question that our article revolves around today, so can we imagine an entire people and its army as well as a prisoner inside a country whose area is large and does not know its fate overnight, isolated from the world and all media or communication, as it lives in a large dark cave headed by the head of the state of Korea The North, who is also imprisoned with his people inside this country, he cannot practice his normal life like the rest of the world's presidents, due to his isolation. He remains hostage to one country, which is China. His people, of course, are hostages to him with the deterioration of the economic and social conditions of the North Korean people who repeatedly try to escape across the border To South Korea, a haven, or other countries across the maritime borders. As for whoever tries to escape through China or Russia, he and his family will inevitably be executed.

But does North Korean President Kim fear war?

And the answer is yes; he fears the outbreak of war, so staying in the current situation of no peace and no war makes him stronger and in a better position because, in the event of an actual war, he will lose control of the Korean interior and could cause a popular revolution or rebellion in the ranks of the army or chaos, so he was always waving war and missiles as a form. The truth is completely different because, in a real war, it will be the great escape of the North Korean people and the army to neighboring countries or joining South Korea to be unified. 

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